Customer Strategy

Initiated and created in Dr. Vincent’s private lab, Hyasetic sunscreen was born - specifically tailored to his family.

Colleague companies feel Covid is a tragic time, but Dr. Vincent was taking advantage of lockdown time to leverage the formula while himself kept negotiating with world-renowned international suppliers.

"It was extremely challenging to source the right ingredients as Dr. Vincent’s formulations specifically require innovative ingredients.

It’s not merely about the solubility but also the bioavailability of the final product, explaining why our family members always feel a difference. Yet you know, well, bringing a few- hundred- gram batches to hundreds of kilogram commercial ones was not easy, especially when the ingredients were first-class but vulnerable to environmental factors. Fortunately, we finally made it happen”, our president said. 

There is a saying that “the early bird catches the worm” and it seems that many within the networks have heard about the brand during the pilot stage and were nice enough to bring such tempting commercializing offers. We did meet up and the most frequent questions I had to answer were about what we can bring to the table, including the marketing budget, the growth rate, and the profit. However, if it were purely for resources, Dr.Vincent could just ignore what he is doing and simply enjoy his thriving professions."

To their surprise, Hyaestic strategy is simple yet daring. We give exactly what we promise on the packaging – the same practice level that pharmaceutical giants are doing while excluding fancy marketing campaigns which add costs to the final products and eventually it will be passed to our final consumers.

Our mission is to bring the most clinically practical solution to the world as well as give you and your families the same result our family has loved.