Dr. Vincent Dagron studied at the prestigious school of science opticians Lycée Bernard in Morez, France, where he obtained the diploma of master optician. Eager to learn more in the field of optometry, in 1996 he enrolled in the UC Berkeley School of Optometry  and earned a doctorate in optometry.

The story of Hyaestic was the result of Dr. Vincent Dagron’s deep love for his wife, and daughter, Solae. It all started after Dr. Vincent Dagron observed mainstream sunscreens irritating his pregnant wife’s sensitive skin, subsequently exacerbating her eczema and Solae’s oily skin. Dr. Dagron searched endlessly for the perfect combination of ingredients that delivered robust protection from the sun yet was rid of irritants found in typical sunscreens. He faced the challenge of creating two distinctive sunscreens, one that was specific to his wife’s concerns and one that was equally as safe for his daughter. 


There blossomed the Organic Sunscreen, contains no other UV filters than Zinc Oxide and Tinatium Dioxide - a conscious, ingredient-focused sunscreen that far exceeds current safety standards that is both suitable for sensitive women and those moving through pregnancy.

For his daughter, who prefers a lighter consistency to combat her overproduction of sebum, he traveled back to his hometown in France where he discovered advanced UV filters. 

Hyaestic Skin Fusion SF64 Sun And Pollution Protector 

Sample No. 64 was the final recipe that controlled his daughter’s oily skin, while softening complexion flaws and maintaining a thin texture.

After years of searching and experimentation, Dr. Dagron is proud to present Hyaestic - a product born from love, passion and inspiration from his family.

Unlike those who seek fortune, Dr. Vincent and Daniel - our international manager - dream of delivering a simple but outstanding result skincare line to our most beloved. We kept contacting world-renowned raw material suppliers, sharing our vision. Not all of them agreed, but we have moved some and mutually reduced the profit to save the source of the ingredients. We are confident that our customers can benefit from using any products from Hyaestic skincare. Each of them is like a special gemstone in your treasure box.